Venison Chili Recipe

Venison Chili is great to fix when its cold outside and it’s incredibly easy too. Maybe you just have a craving for chili. If you’re like us we always have a freezer full of ground venison but we very rarely ever have any hamburger. You can use venison in pretty much any chili recipe. This […]

Vegetarian Rice Salad

This dish is great for vegetarians and meat-eating people alike. It has a soft texture that would go well with chicken. Ingredients: 1 cup of brown or regular rice (It’s a lot healthier to use brown rice, but it still tastes good.) 8-10 whole fresh mushrooms 1/2 cup brocolli 1/2 cup cauliflower 1 large white […]

Why Make your own Bread

In this age of instant gratification it is great to be able to take time and create bread of your own making. Just as the slow food movement has gained in popularity, so to has bread making. I am not talking about adding a pre-packaged mix to a breadmaker and turning on the power. This […]

The Difference between White and Brown Sugar

The difference between white and brown sugar… *White sugar: White or granulated sugar is pure sucrose and it is comes from tropical sugar cane and temperate sugar beets. Sugars used in homes are the refined white sugar. This sugar comes in the forms of free flowing, cubes, granulated, tablet forms, and other different textures. Castor […]

St Patricks Day Recipes

TRY A FUN, GREEN, SAINT PATTY’S DAY FRUIT SMOOTHIE! Here’s a delicious, healthy fruit smoothie you can whip up in no time using your blender. PREPARATION-Put about (1/2) cup of cold water in clean blender container.-Wash thoroughly, “de-seed” and cut into chunks or slices, the following: (Note: To save time, cut these up right into […]

Weight Watchers Rustic Mashed Red Potatoes

Weight Watchers Rustic Mashed Red Potatoes This is a great recipe that can be prepared in less than fifteen minutes.  It holds only two points per serving for those who are the Weight Watchers Flex Plan program.  It is also a good, tasty, healthy side dish for the entire family. You’ll need three minutes for […]

Sage Cheese Potatoes

Sage-Cheese Potatoes Herbs really bring out the flavor in foods. This dish is great for vegetarians served alone. It is an excellent dish that may be served for lunch or dinner. It goes well served with beef, chicken, or pork. Peparation time is ten minutes. Cooking time is fifteen to twenty minutes. The perfect meal […]

Recipes Fruit Salad

Like so many people, our entire family has always loved fruit salad. The best ones we’ve had, though, are made with fresh fruit rather than the canned variety. It takes a little more effort, but the taste makes it all worthwhile. The following recipe serves a family of four, despite the quantity it makes, because […]

Tips for Cooking Squash

Winter squash grows well in our veggie garden, so we end up with about two dozen at the end of the season. Because of this, and because we love Acorn squash, I look for a variety of ways to cook them. One recipe that is always a hit is a main dish that I call […]