Itchy Skin No Rash

Have you ever experienced waking up one day and feeling itchy all over? Have you then tried to inspect your body and look at your face in the mirror to see if there’s rash or anything at all that may be causing the itch? Rashes, actually is not a cause for any alarm since it goes away on its own, eventually. However, if you incur a rash in your face, it would definitely be your great concern to immediately purge yourself of such a problem because how can you go out in public sporting such rash? Aside from the embarrassment and the discomfort it might give, itchy rashes are not usually serious. On the other hand, if you only experience an itchy skin no rash phenomenon, you might want to do the following things to ensure that you are not harboring any grave disorder of the skin or symptom of a more severe problem.

The most crucial thing you should do is to have a check-up by a skin-expert medical professional. Having an itchy skin with no rashes to indicate the itch, is something quite mystifying. Even if you do some research on it online and compare your rashes on images online or compare the description of your itch or rashes with what you can find on the internet, you can never be truly sure what is ailing you unless you will have the professional opinion of a medical expert.

Even when you can ascertain what is troubling you, only a doctor can tell you what’s causing the itch or rashes and what are the suggested medicine to take or ointments to apply to make it go away. Furthermore, only a medical professional can tell you if there are underlying serious issues which had caused the itchy skin no rash occurrence you are experiencing. Besides, a doctor can also advice you what are the things or food to avoid, so as not to aggravate your condition. The key rule to adhere to in this case is not to scratch the itch. Scratching might cause infection and spread the itch which would only exacerbate the condition. Moreover, it would bode you well if you follow the instructions of the medications you are ingesting or applying.

The next thing to do in this situation is to carefully scrutinize your activities and your hygiene ritual from day to day. Do you wash yourself after a long, sweaty day at work? Sweat can clog up your pores and the resulting pile up of dirt can make your skin so itchy. Using someone else’s towel or sharing towels can also cause rashes or itching. Even bed linens which had been unwashed for so long can give you itch. One other important thing to do when you get an itchy skin problem is to sleep it off. Letting such skin disorders run their course by getting ample sleep is sometimes the next besting to do, after you have faithfully followed doctor’s orders.

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