Watergate Salad

Every year at Christmas while I was growing up all my father’s family took dishes of food to my grandmother’s house and we had a Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. Many of my cousins were about the same age as I was and all of us could hardly wait for Aunt Hazel to enter the door. We were anxious to see if she had brought her Watergate Salad. Of course, all the children in the family had nicknamed her salad “the green stuff”. The children would all dance up and down in joy when we saw Aunt Hazel walk through the door and we spied the bowl of light, fluffy, heavenly tasting Watergate Salad. I believe all the adults were just as happy as the children but they were a little more discreet in showing their excitement.

After I was grown, I called Aunt Hazel one day and asked her for the recipe. She was delighted to share it with me. I could not believe how easy it is to prepare this salad with such an odd name.


1 Package instant Pistachio Pudding Mix

1 twenty ounce can crushed pineapple, undrained

1 Cup miniature marshmallows

1 eight or nine ounce container of Cool Whip


In a medium mixing bowl, combine the dry pudding mix with the undrained pineapple. Add in the marshallows and Cool Whip. Chill in a covered container until ready to serve.

I do not believe anyone can positively say how this delightful salad came to be called Watergate Salad. Anyone who has tasted it, though, will not forget it. If you plan to make it to entertain guests, be sure to make a large quantity. This salad does a quick disappearing act!


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Tea and Weight Loss Fact or Fiction – Fact

It’s a Fact! But not all kinds of tea aid in weight loss.

Japanese scientists discovered a compound Catechin’ in green tea and it does aid in weight loss. This compound, however, is easily destroyed or denatured by high heat, hence the extent of help most green tea can do is actually minimal.

To prepare green tea rich in Catechins must adhere to preparation methods with stringent temperature control. The tea prepared should not be sweetened and has to be kept at low temperature to prevent more Catechin loss.

People’s belief of tea aiding in weight loss originated from China. In the olden days soaps and detergents were not widely used due to extra costs, people used leftover tea to wash the grease off the tables and it is more effective than water itself. Hence people believed that it works the same way in the body, flushing out the oil in the stomach and prevent absorption into the body.

Studies were made in relation to tea and weight loss. As a replacement for coffee and soft drinks, it actually helps to suppress sugar intake. Drinking green tea (most tea actually) also reduces the crave for sweet foods. Tea leaves contain a compound that can bind to the tastebuds, staying for some time, effectively reduces the “satisfaction” from drinking high-sugar content drinks and food.

Frequent tea consumption can change a person’s taste sensitivity to other tastes as well. One would experience higher sensitivity to salty and sour tastes. This may also link to the increased sensitivity to sweet tastes. Hence this increased sensitivity lead to a reduction of sugar content in the diet.

Many should have the same experience that I had, that is eating a snack like potato chips and find that you are unable to stop eating it. Yes, because the taste lingers in the mouth and the taste keep reminding you of this snack and you cannot resist the temptation to continue eating it. Drinking tea while having your snack, you may find, this sensation is not so strong. Tea can wash off this sensation alongside with the taste. Filling the oral cavity with aroma of the tea. This is another reason that I believe tea has been able to control weight gain or to aid in weight loss.

But weight loss by drinking tea is definitely not the best option, it is supposed to be a supplementary route to attain the goal of weight loss. For effective weight loss, it must be coupled with a correct diet programme and a regular fitness regime. And of course, drinking highly-sweetened tea DO NOT aid in weight loss.


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