The best way to Roast a Leg of Lamb

My school teacher asked me this question when I was thirteen years old “which one of these courses do you want to take cookery or needlework?” I replied “cookery.” Next day all the students’ assigned the cookery course trundled along to meet Mrs Butt, the domestic science teacher, she informed us girls’ that we were […]

Recipes Fruit Smoothies

I discovered this simple smoothie recipe in July when my air conditioner stopped working. In a sweat coated daze I fumbled through my freezer for a cool fix. I ended up blending 10 frozen strawberries with half a cup of plain yogurt, a splash of milk and a generous sprinkle of sugar together. Depending on […]

Chicken Spicy Party Foods

All my friends always ask me to make them my famous glazed chicken wings. Here is a recipe with a little Asian flare. They are sweet and just a little spicy. If you like your wings on fire, this can easily be adjusted to meet your temperature of choice. Ingredients: 24 chicken wings 2 cups […]

Fast Food Chain Review Churchs Chicken

I love to eat fried chicken. It is one of my favorite foods. I usually have a choice between KFC, Popeye’s, and Church’s Chicken. I like to compare Popeye’s and Church’s Chicken because they are very similar, but there is something that differentiates them. I think that Popeye’s chicken has a crunchier crust, whereas Church’s […]

Easy Meals in 10 Minutes

With our lives getting busier all the time it usually seems easier to either go out to eat or pick up takeout food on the way home.  Eating out a lot can cost considerably more than cooking at home.  If you have ingredients for meals you usually eat on hand and have a plan cooking […]

Spinach Mushroom Healthy Omelet

Looking for a healthy dish to prepare for a breakfast or brunch?  Spinach is about as healthy as a person can get (just ask Popeye).  Mushrooms are nice additional ingredient (a stand in for a meat and with an original texture and taste).  The beautiful thing about spinach and mushrooms is that they are easy […]


Overwhelmed with leftover turkey this holiday season? The feast is over, the guests are gone, and you’re stuck with a mass of leftover turkey. Hosting holiday dinners aren’t easy, but you can avoid the hassle of a crowded refrigerator this holiday season by trying leftover turkey recipes. With leftover turkey recipes, you can avoid the […]